Picture of Phani Sukhavasi

Phani Sukhavasi, Director
Doggy Fun Run & Boston Volunteers

Last year the idea for the Doggy Fun Run & Walk was born and since that moment, Phani Sukhavasi, a member of Boston Volunteers, has led the initiative to bring the idea to life. We asked Phani a few questions about where the idea came from and what he wants people to know about the first-ever Doggy Fun Run.


1. Where did the idea for the Doggy Fun Run come from?

I am a dog lover myself and I used to walk/run with my dog, a chocolate lab, all the time. I moved to Boston two years ago and have been participating in a lot of 5k and 10k runs, obstacles either as a volunteer or runner. Working closely with a number of nonprofit organizations and my love toward dogs motivated me to create this event, the Doggy Fun Run.

2. What makes the Doggy Fun Run different from other charity dog runs?

Doggy Fun Run is a family-fun event founded to encourage dog owners to come out with their furry friends participate in a “fun run” together. Participants have the option to run or walk the 2k or 5k loop around the Mystic River Bend Reservation. All dogs that cross the finish line will receive a personalized certificate of completion.

3. Why should dog owners and lovers, runners and local businesses participate in the Doggy Fun Run?

This event will benefit the Animal Rescue League of Boston, a proposed dog park in Medford and Boston Volunteers. With the support of dog owners and lovers, runners and local businesses, we can make this a successful community event that will continue on for years to come.